Organizing – Laundry Room


This busy mother of three had lots of laundry to do & without any systems in place it was chaos!


  • We utilized a side cupboard to store all the cleaning products and get them off the counter.
  • We then created labelled baskets for each of the children to keep in their rooms until laundry time.  Now they could help Mom by placing their dirty laundry in the baskets – when the laundry was done, they were responsible for folding it and putting it away.  Mom also got two large baskets for sorting – one for darks and one for whites.
  • We added a folding table to the side, and since this Mom was on a strict budget, we repurposed an existing shelving unit and covered a piece of wood she had in her garage with some vinyl – voila! – space to fold for no additional cost.  I also made some simple curtains to add some freshness to the room.

basaraba b4 & aft

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