Organizing – Non-Profit / Volunteer

Organizing Dilemma – Filing Room


It had become impossible to even get into this filing room, and if you were looking for something in particular, it was very difficult to find.  With a lack of time and staff to create a proper filing system, people had given up trying to file things away, and instead everything was just stacked on the floor or randomly placed on shelves.

Organizing Solution (note: the only purchase required was several banker’s boxes)

  • Any items that did not belong in the file room were removed and placed in their proper storage areas.
  • The floor was completely cleared to make for easy access to the shelving.
  • Certain financial and other records must be retained for legal purposes for a specified amount of time.  Any paper pre-dating those requirements was purged & sent to a shredding company.
  • Paper was separated into categories – e.g. financial / operational / marketing.
  • Each category was sorted by subject and year, and boxes were labelled accordingly.
  • Each category was shelved according to how often it needed to be accessed – e.g. ‘rarely accessed’ on top shelf & ‘regularly accessed’ on lower shelves.
  • Staff was informed as to how they would maintain the space and continue with the new system – regular purging and filing was encouraged.

SPCA file room b4 & aft 1

File Storage Room / Sorting Process

File Storage Room / Sorting Process