Staging Dilemma – Dining Room

Although this space was originally intended as a dining room, it was not being used as such.  The owner was using her dining room suite in an area adjoining the kitchen.  This could be confusing for potential buyers who would be looking for a designated formal dining space.

ReDesign Staging Solution – (note: only the client’s existing belongings were used)

  • The hutch was moved to the living room area where it was used to showcase some special collections and framed photos.
  • A taller hutch and the dining room suite were brought back into the dining area & the loveseat and sofa table were moved, effectively freeing up space around the dining room chairs & improving traffic flow to the outside balcony.

Potential buyers can now see how the space was originally intended to be used – as a dining room.

BEFORE - Dining Room 1

BEFORE – Dining Room 1

AFTER - Dining Room 1

AFTER – Dining Room 1

BEFORE - Dining Room 2

BEFORE – Dining Room 2

AFTER - Dining Room 2

AFTER – Dining Room 2