Staging Dilemma – Living Room

There was ample center floor space in this room, but all the furnishings were pushed together around the perimeter, making it appear to be a very cramped space.  The room did not have any real visual appeal.

ReDesign Staging Solution – (note: only the client’s existing belongings were used)

There were several pieces of furniture that switched places in this home.  The main thing to point out here is that there was space created between each of the furniture pieces, giving the viewer the impression of more overall space in the room.  Even though the sofa was moved further into the living area to accommodate the dining room suite, there is still a feeling of spaciousness in the room.

BEFORE - Living Room 2

BEFORE – Living Room 1

AFTER - Living Room 2

AFTER – Living Room 1a

AFTER - Living Room 3

AFTER – Living Room 1b

Note:  Although the owner of this bungalow was originally intending to sell her home, she was so happy with the redesignation of the space (actually giving her more usable space), that she decided to stay!