Staging Dilemma – Living Room

This Living Room was configured to be able to watch TV, but the gorgeous view out the window was being obscured and ignored.  The room also looked cluttered and tired.

 ReDesign Staging Solution (Note:  Only the client’s existing furnishings were used)

  • Several furniture and collectible items were removed or relocated.
  • The two loveseats were repositioned in order to open up the room and showcase the beautiful garden view.
  • The curio cabinet in the corner was relocated from the library side of the room and family photos were housed within it, rather than having them displayed on other surfaces.

 It was now possible for prospective buyers to stand by the window and admire the expansive grounds of this estate.

BEFORE - Living Room 2

BEFORE – Living Room 1

AFTER - Living Room 2a

AFTER – Living Room 1a

AFTER - Living Room 2b

AFTER – Living Room 1b