Dilemma – Dining Room

This dining room had some gorgeous antiques and collectables, but sometimes you can overdo a good thing, and it had become so busy and cluttered that you could no longer see the forest for the trees!  The problem was that two households were combined and neither party wanted to part with any of their belongings.  Having an objective outsider make these decisions was necessary.

ReDesign Staging Solution (Note: Only the client’s existing furnishings were used)

In order to showcase some of the artwork and furniture pieces, several things were relocated to other rooms in the home, some of the collectables were stored, and the walls were cleared.  The table was angled to create some visual interest and provide easier access throughout for prospective buyers.

BEFORE - Dining Room 1

BEFORE – Dining Room 1

AFTER - Dining Room 1

AFTER – Dining Room 1

BEFORE - Dining Room 2

BEFORE – Dining Room 2

AFTER - Dining Room 2

AFTER – Dining Room 2a

AFTER - Dining Room 3

AFTER – Dining Room 2b