Staging Dilemma – Home Office

This home office was not showing well, because it was cluttered and the space was not being utilized to its best potential – the room appeared smaller than it actually was.  The intended use for the space was as a combination guest room/office.  It was also being used for storage and items were not being displayed in their best light.

ReDesign Staging Solution (Note: only the client’s existing furnishings were used)

 In order for this office to look spacious and well organized, the following actions were implemented:

  • The furniture was rearranged in a way that made the room look more spacious and inviting – the book shelves framing the secretary desk created a focal point as you walked into the room
  • The books on the shelves were organized as to category, and some books were removed to storage
  • Some pictures on the walls were put into storage, and a few choice pictures were hung
  • Items in bins and boxes were removed to storage
  • A reading nook with a table, lamp, and chair was created in place of where the futon was previously situated
  • The futon was repositioned under the window which gave the room a wider, more spacious look, and made it possible to do double duty as a guest room

Hammond Office 1

Hammond Office 2