Space was limited in this home!  One large room was doing triple duty and serving as:

  • a child’s bedroom
  • the mother’s office, and
  • the child’s desk & play area

The room had become overcrowded with clutter & outgrown toys, and the child didn’t have the comfort of a spacious private sleeping and play area.  The mother needed a separate area for her desk and products, where she could conduct her business in a stress-free manner.


REDESIGN SOLUTION (Note:  Only the client’s existing furnishings were used)

With the exception of the purchase of a stationery cabinet, the redesign was done using only what the homeowner already owned, and all items remaining after the organization were deemed must-keeps.   With a great deal of help with purging from an enthusiastic homeowner and child, this redesign took only one full day.   In order to accomplish what was required in the room, the following actions were implemented:

  • Approximately 50% of items were purged from the room – outgrown toys were donated, other unused items were either recycled or donated, childhood posters were removed, books were organized, a large amount of paper was recycled
  • The two desks traded places in order that the mother had a larger work area
  • Storage containers were reorganized and repositioned, each holding either mother or child’s possessions on their own side of the room
  • Mother’s retail products were organized and placed on a display table
  • The child’s display cabinets were repositioned into the bedroom area, freeing much needed space on mother’s side of the room, and also making them more accessible for the child
  • The child’s bed was repositioned, creating more room on that side of the room and a more welcoming feeling when you walked in – the display cabinets now framed the child’s bed
  • The child’s bedroom furniture was repositioned to make the best use of the space
  • One item was purchased – a stationery cabinet for the mother’s office supplies

Additional Suggestions made to the Homeowner:

  • Add some curtains on windows for warmth and interest in child’s sleeping area
  • Update to more age-relevent bedding for the child
  • Add some solid mobile room dividers across the room to separate the child’s sleeping area from the office area – this would buffer the sound and also provide visual privacy
  • Remove the taxidermy/animals from the walls – they are very out of place in the space
  • Purchase a lateral storage unit for the mother’s retail products so they won’t collect dust and won’t add to the visual clutter of the room
  • Continue to purge items from the room when they become outdated or no longer useful

Fum bdrm1

Fum bdrm 2

Fum bdrm 3Fum Office 1


Fum Office 2