Dilemma – Library / Study

The homeowner’s preferred use for this room was for reading, but there was not sufficient seating or proper lighting.  For prospective buyers, the magnificent view to the expansive garden was also being obscured by objects.

ReDesign Staging Solution (Note:  Only client’s existing furnishings were used)

To add function and comfort to the room:

  • The wicker chair was repositioned to the opposite corner
  • To complement the existing traditional chair, the matching sofa was brought down from the master bedroom
  • An end table was placed between the chair & sofa

To open up the view of the garden & bring in more light:

  • the display shelves were removed from the window
  • pictures were placed either in photo albums, or on bookshelves
  • some plants were redistributed to the garden or throughout the house
  • the large cactus was placed on a table at a lower level in the corner
  • a floor lamp was added for reading purposes

 Suggested Finishing Touches after ReDesign:

  • A small oval shaped area rug would add warmth to the room and anchor the couch and chair, thereby defining the reading area, without covering the high traffic area in front of the door.
  • Curtains (not for privacy since this estate was gated, but to add visual interest and warmth), could be added and left open to the view.

Williams Library 1

Williams Library 2b