ReDesign Staging Dilemma

This home had been on the market for over a year with high traffic but very little interest.  The rooms had very little appeal and were not showing well.  This living room looked large, but it had a very cold and uninviting look to it.


ReDesign Staging Solution (Note: only the client’s existing belongings were used)


This redesign shows how much difference the placement of furniture and artwork can make to a space – the room looks so much warmer and more inviting.  All the pieces of furniture are shown in their best light and when walking into the room a person immediately feels drawn into it.


Although pairing these furniture styles is not ideal, it does work because of the way they are placed – each style has another piece in the same style offsetting it on an adjacent side of the room.  Buyers could now see how beautiful the room could be, and could visualize their own furnishings in the space.


After sitting on the market for 1 year, this home SOLD three days after it was ReDesigned!

BEFORE - Living Room 1

BEFORE – Living Room 1

AFTER - Living Room 1

AFTER – Living Room 1

BEFORE - Living Room 2

BEFORE – Living Room 2

AFTER - Living Room 2

AFTER – Living Room 2