Organizing Dilemma – Scrapbooking Workshop

This client was passionate about scrapbooking and she shared her talents with others by providing workshops.  Unfortunately her workshop had become so overcrowded and disorganized that not only had it become difficult to conduct workshops, but it was limiting her productivity and creativity.  Unable to find things, she was often double-buying as well.  The situation had become overwhelming and she finally reached out to Holistic Interiors for organizing help.

Organizing Solution

Eager to achieve an organized space where she could conduct workshops again and get back to creating her scrapbooks, this client worked diligently making some critical and difficult decisions, and together we were able to achieve these results in only 2 days!

  • Two stationery cabinets were purchased
  • Storage baskets were purchased for wall shelving and for inside stationery cabinets
  • All items in the room were separated into categories
  • Items that were obsolete or unused were either donated or recycled, and anything that didn’t belong in the workshop was returned to its appropriate place in the home
  • Remaining items were now placed in designated storage areas and labeled
  • Systems were put in place to assist the client with removing items as soon as they became obsolete

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