I love Care 2!  We all have things in our homes that we never use, but they’re taking up valuable space in our cupboards.  Here are some things that it may not be too difficult to part with, and this list may start you thinking about other items in your home that you never use now and could likely do without:

One caution about this article – there are lots of great tips for what you can create with all of this stuff – get real serious with yourself before you keep these things with the intention of ‘someday’ using those ideas – will you really make the time to do it?  Remember, a lot of these things will probably materialize again pretty quickly if we ever do want to get creative!

TIP:  Take advantage of your Internet ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favourites’ to save links to these fun articles, rather than printing off more paper that you will need to store and dispose of later.  You can create Favourite ‘file folders’ such as ‘recycling’, ‘crafts’, recipes, etc.