Sandra Rinomato of HGTV’s Property Virgins has posted a new article entitled “The Biggest Staging Tip EVER!”  I certainly couldn’t agree more – this is the last thing prospective buyers want to see in a home & heeding this tip will often mean the difference between a pass or a purchase!  



These happy clients of Simply Irrestible Interiors in Edmonton explain their Home Staging experience and the value they received when they staged their home prior to selling.  Clearly it made a world of difference! 

See the video here:


ReDesign for Selling – Dilemma

These homeowners had recently combined two households and had listed their home for sale.  In an attempt to stage their home themselves, they had started to try to downsize and pack up some of their belongings in preparation for their open house.  It became much too overwhelming, and they wisely brought Neila in to help with the process.


Organizing & ReDesign Staging Solution

  • The process began with a large scale downsizing and packing of the belongings that would not be used to stage the home.
  • Curio cabinets and display cases on walls, which housed personal collections, were removed.
  • The packed items, numerous furniture pieces, and some electronics were removed from the home and stored in a large Big Steel Box container.
  • The home was painted throughout / baseboards were added / kitchen counters were replaced / all kitchen and bathroom hardware was replaced / several small repairs were made / porch floor was painted and area rug added / some window coverings were replaced / living room fireplace was painted / all hanging ornaments and plants were taken down / all artwork was removed and choice pieces rehung.
  • The home was cleaned and remaining furniture was repositioned.
  • With the exception of some accessories, all the furnishings were the property of the homeowners.
  • These homeowners worked very hard to achieve the results necessary to show this property and greatly increased their selling prospects by doing so.
  • The result was a stunning transformation & property viewers could now see this lovely home without struggling to see past the owner’s belongings and personal style.

 Note:  ReDesign Staging does not always mean you will end up with show home quality results, because it is a service designed for limited budgets that cannot accommodate furniture rentals; however, it is a much more affordable way to get your home open-house-ready, especially when considerable repairs and downsizing are also required.


Hamelin L Rm 1

Hamelin L Rm 3

Hamelin L Rm 4

Hamelin L Rm 5


Hamelin D Rm 1

Hamelin D Rm 2


Hamelin Kit Nook 1


Hamelin Kitchen 1Hamelin Kitchen 2Hamelin Kitchen 3


Hamelin Porch


Hamelin Entranceway


Hamelin Guest Rm


Hamelin Bathroom


ReDesign Staging Dilemma

This home had been on the market for over a year with high traffic but very little interest.  The rooms had very little appeal and were not showing well.  This living room looked large, but it had a very cold and uninviting look to it.


ReDesign Staging Solution (Note: only the client’s existing belongings were used)


This redesign shows how much difference the placement of furniture and artwork can make to a space – the room looks so much warmer and more inviting.  All the pieces of furniture are shown in their best light and when walking into the room a person immediately feels drawn into it.


Although pairing these furniture styles is not ideal, it does work because of the way they are placed – each style has another piece in the same style offsetting it on an adjacent side of the room.  Buyers could now see how beautiful the room could be, and could visualize their own furnishings in the space.


After sitting on the market for 1 year, this home SOLD three days after it was ReDesigned!

BEFORE - Living Room 1

BEFORE – Living Room 1

AFTER - Living Room 1

AFTER – Living Room 1

BEFORE - Living Room 2

BEFORE – Living Room 2

AFTER - Living Room 2

AFTER – Living Room 2


Staging Dilemma – Dining Room

This Dining Room was too cluttered and tired looking and the pieces weren’t being shown to the best advantage.


ReDesign Staging Solution (Note:  Only the Client’s existing furnishings were used)

  • Some of the clutter was removed to storage
  • Pictures were repositioned
  • Tablecloth was replaced with a runner and centerpiece
  • Corner serving table was brought in from another room

 This room now showed as the spacious dining space that it was and rehanging the art work freshened up the room.

BEFORE - Dining Room 1

BEFORE – Dining Room 1

AFTER - Dining Room 1

AFTER – Dining Room 1

BEFORE - Dining Room 2

BEFORE – Dining Room 2

AFTER - Dining Room 2

AFTER – Dining Room 2

BEFORE - Dining Room 3

BEFORE – Dining Room 3

AFTER - Dining Room 3

AFTER – Dining Room 3


Staging Dilemma – Home Office

This home office was not showing well, because it was cluttered and the space was not being utilized to its best potential – the room appeared smaller than it actually was.  The intended use for the space was as a combination guest room/office.  It was also being used for storage and items were not being displayed in their best light.

ReDesign Staging Solution (Note: only the client’s existing furnishings were used)

 In order for this office to look spacious and well organized, the following actions were implemented:

  • The furniture was rearranged in a way that made the room look more spacious and inviting – the book shelves framing the secretary desk created a focal point as you walked into the room
  • The books on the shelves were organized as to category, and some books were removed to storage
  • Some pictures on the walls were put into storage, and a few choice pictures were hung
  • Items in bins and boxes were removed to storage
  • A reading nook with a table, lamp, and chair was created in place of where the futon was previously situated
  • The futon was repositioned under the window which gave the room a wider, more spacious look, and made it possible to do double duty as a guest room

Hammond Office 1

Hammond Office 2



Dilemma – Library / Study

The homeowner’s preferred use for this room was for reading, but there was not sufficient seating or proper lighting.  For prospective buyers, the magnificent view to the expansive garden was also being obscured by objects.

ReDesign Staging Solution (Note:  Only client’s existing furnishings were used)

To add function and comfort to the room:

  • The wicker chair was repositioned to the opposite corner
  • To complement the existing traditional chair, the matching sofa was brought down from the master bedroom
  • An end table was placed between the chair & sofa

To open up the view of the garden & bring in more light:

  • the display shelves were removed from the window
  • pictures were placed either in photo albums, or on bookshelves
  • some plants were redistributed to the garden or throughout the house
  • the large cactus was placed on a table at a lower level in the corner
  • a floor lamp was added for reading purposes

 Suggested Finishing Touches after ReDesign:

  • A small oval shaped area rug would add warmth to the room and anchor the couch and chair, thereby defining the reading area, without covering the high traffic area in front of the door.
  • Curtains (not for privacy since this estate was gated, but to add visual interest and warmth), could be added and left open to the view.

Williams Library 1

Williams Library 2b