The focus at Holistic Interiors is on creating beautiful, functional, healthy, and stress-free environments for living, for working, and for selling your home in BC’s Lower Mainland.  A holistic approach relates to whole/complete systems, and views the individual and their environment as systems that are capable of interacting harmoniously.


We interact daily with many environments – home, office, community, and global.  Holistic Interiors’ vision is to create user-friendly spaces that nourish body, mind, and spirit, and which have the least possible negative impact on our community and global environments.

Body – ensure that environments function in harmony with people’s lifestyle and purpose, and that they are designed to empower individuals with physical limitations

Mind – create stress-free and organized environments where people are productive and have limited distractions

Spirit – design beautiful, warm, and welcoming spaces to relax and enjoy, that energize people and revive their spirit