Condensed High-Rise Community Living

‘Smart’, ‘Dynamic’, ‘Sustainable’ – are all terms that describe the future of high-rise living, and indeed high-rise living is our future.  We must further condense our cities to accommodate our population and when urbania has sprawled as much as it can, the only way to go is up!

According to many forward thinkers, condensed high-rise communities could be the answer to cleaning up our smog.  When everything you need is within walking distance, this lessens and often eliminates the need for vehicles powered by fossil fuels.  This video shows some of the innovative architectural designs coming soon to a city near you!

rotating skyscraper dubai


Exquisite Cabinet Hardware from Rhode Island

For those so inclined, there is a quiet move back to the traditional this year.  Edgar Berebi of Rhode Island creates the most intricately detailed and lavish cabinet hardware, some of it embellished with Swarovski crystals.  Available locally at Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware and Bradford Decorative Hardware of Vancouver.

edgarberebi hardware 2

What Does a $22.3M View Look Like?

Vancouverites may recognize this stellar Coal Harbour view, but how many of you knew that it was worth $22,300,000?  I believe this is probably the most expensive penthouse currently on the market in BC.  Rising out of the City of Glass is the waterfront residence of Three Harbour Green on Thurlow, home to 81 international residents.

Most of us couldn’t even manage the annual taxes of $65.3K, but hey – this tells us that we are living in one of the most desirable cities of the world.  This means we have something here that is rare and special – we need to work hard to preserve and protect this rare jewel!

See the Penthouse on Thurlow here:

Thurlow Penthouse

Unique Collection of Design Ideas from Bored Panda

Well, this will undoubtedly get everyone’s creative juices flowing!  Most of these are not for the financially challenged…but with a little elbow grease and some ingenuity there are several that are doable for low incomes.  Whether these ideas are practical or not, they certainly are conversation pieces – enjoy!

interior design ideas bored panda

WHO Rates 10 Cities with Cleanest Air in the World

The World Health Organization has ranked 3 Canadian cities among the top 10 with the Cleanest Air in the World.  There is one city on this list that could really surprise you!  Even though it’s close to one of the most industrially polluted areas on the planet, it has such an effective public transit and traffic routing infrastructure that it has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the city.  Take a guess and then check your answer here:

clean air top 10

Work Hard, Play Hard at the New Google HQ in Toronto – Take a Tour

WOW!  Considering that most of Google’s employees would have desk jobs, and this inactivity coupled with stress is known to be very hard on our bodies, they have done an amazing job to encourage their employees to take healthy breaks from their desks.  These breaks include creatively designed lounge areas, a fitness facility, healthy snacks, interactive games, wonderful visuals, and even a music studio!

It’s becoming more the norm for employees to be mobile within the workplace, and Google has embraced this new option by installing mobile work stations throughout the building.  With technological developments making it easier every day to work remotely, does this mean we’re on the cusp of losing the workplace as we know it?  The new demographic definitely wants more freedom to move and definitely doesn’t want a stuffy office cubicle!

Take a tour here:


Google 2

Google HQ Toronto


The Environmental Working Group has rated over 2,000 household cleaning products as to their toxicity levels – not very comforting results I’m afraid…

The good news is that there are some very safe and cost effective solutions that you can easily make yourself – DIY Jayne is even supplying the recipes –

cleaning products