Moncler at New York Fashion Week

Well, it is winter, but even so this collection from Moncler seems particularly ‘dark’ in more than one sense!  Certainly though, the stage debut of the collection is characteristically creative and unexpected and is sure to hold the audience’s attention.  The models are lurking in the shadows and, from a distance, they’re quite militaristic looking, at first giving you the impression that these fashions are made for the battlefield.  Upon closer inspection however, the pieces are made instead to battle the elements in style; perhaps with climate change upon us, this collection forebodes of challenging times ahead.

The links below will take you to Moncler’s Grenoble 2014 collections presented for New York Fashion Week:

Moncler Grenoble 2014-15 winter symphony


Work Hard, Play Hard at the New Google HQ in Toronto – Take a Tour

WOW!  Considering that most of Google’s employees would have desk jobs, and this inactivity coupled with stress is known to be very hard on our bodies, they have done an amazing job to encourage their employees to take healthy breaks from their desks.  These breaks include creatively designed lounge areas, a fitness facility, healthy snacks, interactive games, wonderful visuals, and even a music studio!

It’s becoming more the norm for employees to be mobile within the workplace, and Google has embraced this new option by installing mobile work stations throughout the building.  With technological developments making it easier every day to work remotely, does this mean we’re on the cusp of losing the workplace as we know it?  The new demographic definitely wants more freedom to move and definitely doesn’t want a stuffy office cubicle!

Take a tour here:


Google 2

Google HQ Toronto


Great post by The Décor Lounge – “We’ve always had a soft spot for those folks who know how to turn a phrase. Admit it – our current day vernacular is just not as colourful as the old days. So if your dogs are barking, take a load off, grab a cup of joe and a sinker (donut) and open your peepers to read some of our faves that we think are just swell. It’s a juicy post that will have you shouting ‘murder’! (1930′s slang for ‘Wow’!)


I guess it depends on the company you keep, but I think I could challenge that our current day vernacular can be just as colourful – unfortunately, more often than not, it also tends to be off-colour!  Some listed here are probably much too sweet to survive in today’s street smart culture.

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